Terms and Conditions for online skype lessons

1. General Scheduling of Classes

You can book a lesson up to 3 months in advance and I will agree to the lesson date and time with you. I will try to suit your time schedule the best I can. If you want to schedule a lesson permamently every week (for example 8pm on Tuesday) that's also fine too. There are times I may be travelling or not available, and I will try to let you know well in advance if that happens.

2. Rescheduling or Cancellation of Classes

If for any reason you are not able to attend a class, please inform me at least 24hours ahead of time and I'll be happy to reschedule the lesson to suit you. If no notice is given, or you can only give notification less than 24 hours before the lesson, then I reserve the right to still charge you for the class. Please email us at the day before, if you cannot attend and you will not lose out!

3. Class Attendance

Please make sure you are on time for your lesson, but I understand that sometimes it may not be possible. I would appreciate if you can drop me a note to let me know if you will be late. If a lesson starts late, I will try to accomodate you and still give you the full hour. However, if I have scheduled something after, of if I have another lesson booked after yours, I may not be able to do that.

4. Cancellation by the me

Occasionally I may have an unavoidable emergency or illness that could result in having no option other than to cancel your class for that day or week. When this happens you will be sent an email as soon as I know. You will be free to re-book your lesson or lessons at a time convenient to both of us. I will email you to inform you of an unexpected cancellation. Donít worry this seldom happens and I'll only cancel if there's no other option.

5. Lesson Time

Each lesson is a full one hour of talk time.

6. Problems with Internet Connection

If we start a lesson and the internet connection is very poor (or fails) so that the lesson cannot go ahead, then the we may have to cancel the lesson for that day and rebook the lesson for another day. Hopefully this won't happen, but at times we have no choice. Mai pen rai kha!

7. Package Lessons

If you purchase a 5 or 10 hour package lesson, there will be no expiry for the lessons. That means if 10 years have passed and you still have not used all your lessons, you can still use them. I will keep a detailed log of lesson dates and times, so you do not have to worry about keeping track of them yourself (although feel free to do so if you like). Package lessons are non-transferrable, although I may make exceptions to this if there's a good reason.

8. Trial Lesson

Each student is entitled to one free trial lesson of 30 minutes. Please email me at to set up a time for this lesson.

9. Refunds

There are no refunds for one hours lessons, but if you have bought a 5 or 10 hour package and are not satisfied after the first lesson, I will refund you the remainder of the package. However, a package will not be refundable after the second lesson.