Airada's classes are Not what you will find in dull, mind-numbering class books and are definitely something to look forward to, in my case 3 to 4 hours per week. Her approach is a little unconventional in the sense that she won't hesitate to throw difficult readings at you, until sometimes you feel "you've completely lost it"! This approach paid off as I found myself improving faster once the basics had been digested. Expect a lot of chitchatting about really everything including Thai culture and "Thainess", and of course a lot of laughing! You are a fool not to take classes with Khruu Airada!

Vincent | Satisfied Thai Student now living in Thailand

Vincent Testimonial Skype Lesson


I had the opportunity to have Khun Ai as my Thai teacher over a period of approximately two years. I had previously had an introduction to spoken Thai via an established Thai school with one-on-one instruction. With Khun Ai I was interested in improving my spoken Thai. I was exceedingly pleased with Khun Ai, I thoroughly enjoyed the classes that she lead, and I was happy my enhanced ability to understand and speak Thai. Khun Ai is a delight to interact with and she has an excellent command of English. She is very relaxed and she fosters a wonderful learning environment. The lessons are flexible and provide for much more flexibility in content and learning goals than those offered through established Thai schools. I completely enjoyed my learning experience and once I settle for longer in Thailand, Khun Ai is the first place to go for more advanced lessons.

P. Coyte



Iíve been studying with Khruu Ai for one and a half years now, and during that time my Thai ability has gone up by leaps and bounds. I have to thank Khruu Ai in part for that. She has the unique ability to make lessons both instructive and fun. I have to emphasize the fun part- I think this may have something to do with her general upbeat personality, her contagious laughter, or just her genuine desire to teach and find creative ways to do so. I also appreciate her professionalism and punctuality for the lessons. I donítí recall her being late for a lesson, and oftentimes if I am late she will extend the lesson on my behalf. Thatís very nice in this day and age I must say. Needless to say I highly recommend taking lessons with her.

Charles S | Intermediate-Advanced Thai Student


I travel to Thailand often and decided to learn Thai so i can better communicate with Thai people. I live in Canada and thought it would be best to learn with a native Thai living in Thailand. A friend of mine recommended Khun Airada to teach me the Thai language and I find her to be a great teacher and she makes learning Thai fun!! She prepares lessons in advance based on the key elements necessary to learn the Thai language. Khun Airada (Ai) also notes areas where I have difficulty and prepares a tailored lesson to help me learn to overcome these challenges. Ai truly enjoys teaching and when her students are successful. She accommodates my schedule to ensure we can have regular lessons. It has been two years of learning Thai with Ai.  I highly recommend her course for anyone who wants to learn the Thai language. The support i receive in her course is of an extremely high standard and I continue to gain confidence in speaking, reading, and writing Thai.

Tedd F | Canada