Teaching Approach

My teaching approach depends on each student's learning style and I adjust it to each student's needs and requirements. We usually start with a refresher exercise using 'old' words learned in earlier sessions. We then build up sentences or phrases by joining the learned words through different and interesting exercises.

I always make sure that I deliver what my students need. Experts have shown that there is not one single best method for everyone in all contexts, and that no one teaching method is inherently superior to others. Moreover, it is not always possible - or appropriate - to apply the same methods to all learners, who have different objectives, come from different cultures, and have different learning needs.

You may know that Thai is a tonal language. It has five tones. If you want to say something you might end up say something else if you get the tones wrong. But don't worry too much about the tones. We can fix them as we go along, each time we have a lesson, and you will soon get the tones right after you've heard them a few times and you repeat words again and again - then they will sound right to you. I encourage my students to speak and build up their confidence and discuss lots of topics based on subjects they're interested in. In addition, I give my students lots of materials that encourage practice in speaking. You'll be speaking with confidence in no time!

Listening is one of the most important and difficult skills to master. Each Thai person has their own accent. Some speak clearly but some don't. Therefore, we spend time listening to people speaking for different lengths of time, from short conversations to longer conversations, interviews and videos. We 'll undertake different activities, from simple listening and checking your answers, to more challenging ones such as listening to the news, listening to other media, and discussing what we heard.

Reading & Writing
For reading and writing I use the 'Manii and Mana' books. We also read news, find written Thai jokes, and look at a varity of websites together. I will also give you specific words and ask you yo make up sentences, stories, letters, emails and more using these words. For all levels I create exercises to strengthen reading and comprehension skills based on your life. In the class, I will read out words or sentences and ask you to write them down and show them to me.