Lesson & Fees

I teach speaking, reading and writing. I advise Thai students who are beginners to sign up for a minimum of two lessons a week for six months straight. After six months of frequent lessons, depending on progress, we can cut back lessons to once a week if you like.

I use Benjawan Poomsan Becker’s books including ‘Thai for beginners’ and ‘Thai for intermediate learners’. For those who are advanced I would suggest reading the series of books about two children, Maanii and Maana. This series was designed and written to be used as a teaching aid for those just starting to learn Thai to those at a more advanced level. The stories depict the lives of a young girl named Maanii, her elder brother, Maana, her parents, relatives, friends, and their pets…

Because these lessons are “authentic” – that is, written by Thais for Thai kids, the aim of the books is two-fold: to teach literacy in Thai and to inculcate traditional Thai cultural values.

Lesson Fees Pick a packgage

Pay via Paypal

Trial lesson: Free Time for a trial lesson: 30 Mins
Please send me an email to request the free trial at info@thailanguageteacher.org

1 Hour lesson: $20
5 Hours lesson course: $90 ($18/hr)
10 Hours lesson course: $150 ($15/hr)
Note: Cancellation policy: At least a 24 hour notice of a cancellation/postponement is required. 5 and 10 hour lesson package do not expire. Please click here for complete Terms and Conditions.