Learning ThAi with Ai

Speak, read and write simple Thai within a few weeks! ''Sa-wad-dii-kha.'' Sa-wat-dii khrap" This is how we say hello in Thai. If you are a man you will say ''sa-wad-dii-khrap''

Learning Thai is not difficult. Lots of people are put off because it sounds so different from European languages. But these differences can make it a fun language to learn.

Learning Thai should be fun. It shouldn't be scary!

If you want to improve your Thai but find that either your schedule is too hectic to organise classes with others in a school, or you want to progress fast with one-to-one tuition, then look no further!

I'm an experienced private teacher who can help you learn Thai quickly in a way that is fun and not intimidating. I'm Thai, speak English fluently, and enjoy seeing my students progress quickly in conversational Thai.

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